A Family Copes With Mental Illness

I can't believe I'm writing 2 days before Christmas about mental illness, but it's been proven that the holidays are one of the hardest times of the year for the mentally ill, and the families that have to deal with this disease every day.

Sandra Luckow is a brilliant film maker and teaches film making at Yale. But her life isn't a bed of roses - her brother was diagnosed as being schizophrenic years ago, and ever since Sandra has had to deal with his anger and illness. I've personally seen some of the videos he has sent her threatening her life, his life, and the lives of those around her.

My holiday wish is that you'll read Sandra's account of what she has gone through trying to work with the system to get her brother help, and by doing this protecting all of us. And please hug those you love even tighter this holiday and remember those who won't be able to do the same.

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