Hartford Insurance Doesn't Listen to it's Customers

One of the good and bad things about social media is that consumers now have a way to have their voice heard.

When Hartford Insurance decided to raise my rate by over $13,000 without notice or even an increase in benefits I immediately went to their Facebook page to see what other consumers thought of them.  It turns out I'm not alone - the stories of how they have treated other consumers is pretty chilling. The stock answer they post to everyone is "To protect the privacy of individuals, we do not respond to service questions on Facebook. We would like to know about your experience. Could you please contact our Consumer Affairs team at 1-800-451-6944? Thank you." When I contacted their "consumer affairs" team I found out they didn't care. I was told this ridiculous increase was because I'm an interior designer - who knew sketching and wielding a glue gun could be so hazardous?

Fortunately for me I found a great insurance company that took the time to understand my company and my needs, and not only did we get much more comprehensive insurance - it was also in line with what we had been paying.

I thought this was the end of story, but today I got my third notice from Hartford threatening to cancel my insurance! I guess the Consumer Affairs "team" didn't get the message when I said I was done with them.

The moral of this story? Insurance is too important of a decision to take lightly and only shop by price. It's critical that you find an agent who takes the time to understand your needs and will be there if you ever need them.

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