Partnering With a Home Improvement Store

Great design should be timeless, and I think this children's room is a perfect example.

This was designed for @home Builders over 10 years ago - time truly does fly! It was a partnership marketing effort between @home Builders, The Home Idea Factory and Chase Pitkin Building Supplies. As many materials as possible were purchased from Chase Pitkin, and it showed consumers (and potential home buyers) how they could decorate their new home without breaking the bank.

The Headboard was just a fence gate - all that needed to be done was to strap it to the wall for safety. Gates come in a 36" width which is the same as the width of a twin bed so no modifications were needed.

We also gave the lucky resident of this room a mailbox where reminders and notes could be stored. If the flag was up on the mailbox she knew she had mail!

This fun, happy room was very inexpensive to do and easy for even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer to replicate.

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